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Frubis is the most desirable fruit, ideal to savour without limitations, at any given moment.

The finest fruit is sliced into pieces or thin slices, then placed into a dehydration oven that removes the water. Removing the water enhances the flavour, leaving a mouth-watering and irresistibly crunchy fruit. This is how we have come to establish Frubis fruit!

It's simple. Dehydrated fruit which isn't fried, without additives or preservatives, with only a high amount of fibre.

A snack must be fun, but also healthy and nutritious.

It's natural for you to love it, it's fruit!


Frubis is perfect for any moment, as a snack, for breakfast, to accompany a meal or to feed your imagination.

Red apple: the red apples are the sweetest!

Peach: Peaches all year round as if it was always summer!

Strawberry: Not sliced, its original shape is perfect as it is!

Pineapple: Crunchy pieces rich in tropical flavour!

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