What is dried fruit?

Fresh fruit that is washed, peeled, sliced, and put into dehydrating ovens that remove all water and make it irresistibly crunchy.

Frubis uses what types of fruit?

Quality fruit fit for human consumption. We often use fruit that has low market value due to physical damage or exterior look that does not meet the requirements of commercial areas, the so-called “ugly fruit”. Poorly homogeneous pigmentation or dark spots at surface are examples of these damages. Please note that these features do not compromise the organoleptic features of our fruit in any way.

Does Frubis have sugar?

Only the following varieties contain added sugar: Frubis Strawberry and Frubis Strawberry with Chocolate (milk and dark). The remaining flavors have only the natural fruit sugar, i.e. fructose.

Does Frubis have dyes and preservatives?

The 100% dried fruit Frubis range has no food dyes or preservatives. The semi-dried range, named Soft Frubis, has preservatives due to its texture.

Is Frubis fried?

No, Frubis is not fried.

Expiration dates before and after opening

The entire range has a 12 month shelf life. The product should be consumed within 2 days after opening only for the loss of crispness that occurs. It is advisable to store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight.

And for the chocolate range it is recommended to keep below 20ºC.

Quantity per package Vs. Empty package

It always depends on the volumetry of the product itself. All the packages are a little larger than they might appear to be, to contain a little air that protects the product from any mechanical damage during packaging and to prevent any pieces from sticking to the welds of the packages. This air also makes it possible to protect the contents in everyday handling, since these are very fragile products. In this way the integrity of the product is maintained with a slightly larger package and with air inside. But we are working to adapt the packaging formats to the content in order to avoid that feeling of an empty package without compromising the integrity. An example of this are the new formats of the chocolate range, the semi dehydrated range and the coconut.

Are nutrients kept?

Some vitamins, like B and E, remain almost intact. Minerals, like iron and magnesium, usually increase in their concentrations. Vitamin C is sensitive to heat which results in greater losses.

Our products are high in fibre and provide a sense of satiety.

Can it be consumed by pregnant women, diabetics, children, the elderly, nursing mothers, and people with immunodeficiencies?

Yes, its consumption is safe, even for risk groups, as long as there are no clinical contraindications to the contrary. For this fact, before consuming any food, you should always, and in case of doubt, consult your attending physician.

Where can I find Frubis?

Frubis is available in large stores at the fruit and vegetables section.