What’s Frubis?

It’s obvious. It’s fruit.

The most desired, guilt-free, restriction-free, ideal fruit for you to taste at any time of day. Because Frubis is fresh fruit, cut into pieces or thin slices that goes into the oven for dehydration. This keeps its flavour and adds an irresistible crunchiness.

In short, Frubis is: dried fruit (not fried) that is high in fibre with no dyes or preservatives added.

You may call it a snack, but it’s obviously better than any snack.

Because it’s healthier and more nutritious. You are obviously going to love it, because its nutrifun.

Why Frubis?

Because Frubis is an innovative, pioneer brand in the dried fruit sector;

Because it’s a Portuguese brand;

Because it’s fruit;

Because there’s no addition of dyes or preservatives;

Because it’s ideal for eating ON THE GO;

Because it’s extremely practical and can be eaten anywhere and at any time;

Because it’s ideal for all ages.

Because it’s deliciously crunchy.